"nós somos o sítio que nos faz falta."

"O que há em mim é sobretudo cansaço -
Não disto nem daquilo,
Nem sequer de tudo ou de nada:
Cansaço assim mesmo, ele mesmo,

Álvaro de Campos

Quinta-feira, 1 de Setembro de 2011

"Jean Valjean had gone to imprisonment weeping and trembling; he emerged impassive. He had gone despairing; he emerged grim-faced. Under the lash and in chains, on fatigue and in the solitary cell, he withdrew into his own conscience and reflected.

He admitted that he was not an innocent man unjustly punished but, admitting the offence, had not the punishment been ferocious and outrageous? Did not the penalty, aggravated by his attempts to escape, become in the end a sort of assault by the stronger on the weaker, a crime committed by society against the individual and repeated daily for nineteen years?

He asked these questions and, having answered them, passed judgement on society.

He condemned it to his hatred. Hatred was his only weapon, and he resolved to sharpen it in prison and carry it with him when he left."


les miserables, victor hugo


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De hopeless romantic a 1 de Setembro de 2011 às 20:30
que elogio, obrigada ! :D

De vans a 1 de Setembro de 2011 às 21:04
eu sei... odeio tanto esta nova etapa.

De Free Soul a 1 de Setembro de 2011 às 21:28
Que maravilhosa ideia. Aqui está o meu: www.jardinsproibidos.tumblr.com

De Blueberries a 2 de Setembro de 2011 às 14:41
12º e tu? (:

De dolcescrittora a 2 de Setembro de 2011 às 19:26
gostei do excerto. também é um autor na minha lista de livros a ler.